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What is the domain name?

The ROC network uses the domain:, which serves to promote local communities as well as any shared resources or initiatives. Local communities can receive a subdomain to create local landing pages as well.

Are additional information provided?

The ROC website includes information about the manager of the local community as the main contact person, the local landing pages can list more contact people as well as additional information.

Can I use a dedicated Landing Page?

We encourage local communities to use their landing pages to share resources they create and we offer further support should they need it. We will also aim at sharing any common resources together on the main page of the ROC network.

Who is the contact person?

Each member community has a designated contact person they can go to for help in any ROC matters. They meet their contact person during the kick off call for the cooperation and bringing in the new community into the ROC network.

What will I get from ROC network?

The ROC network will provide local communities with support in the form of: learnings from setting up ROC communities, information about activities and building engagement, contact details for potential sponsors of initiatives and events and the “formula” for ROC events etc. We will also encourage the communities within the network to share their own experience and ideas. We are not here to tell you how to run your community, but rather make sure we can all help each other! If there’s anything you need we haven’t thought of – or anything you want to help others with – please let your contact person know!

Where a ROC member hangs out?

Existing ROC members rely on Facebook groups for communication between members. While there is no pressure to use a certain platform, we can provide certain perks to communities using Facebook groups:

Can a network Facebook group be linked to another?

Yes, groups can be linked together (recommended groups) so that members of communities can easily find the right communities to join,

How can new members joing the Facebook network group?

Assuming new members of local communities are vetted (their profiles are checked e.g. by asking questions on entry to the group), we encourage local communities to pre-approve members of other Facebook groups belonging to the ROC network.

Is there any limit per Country to join the ROC Network?

We accept one community per country. We feel it’s important to bring different initiatives together, to create one strong community locally instead of many smaller groups.

What's happen if I have an existing community?

If you have an existing community, we’re happy to have you on board with your own community name, rules, etc – we’re not here to tell you how to run your community! However, if you’d like to set up a new community or don’t have a name, logo, landing page for your community, we can help with all of this.

Can I bring my community in the ROC Network or create a new one?

If you’re interested in bringing your community into the ROC network or if you want to set up a new community with our help, please get in touch with Kasia Borowicz who will put you in touch with the right contact person! 🙂

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